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Open Closet Guidelines

Effective from Mar 1st, 2023

 We collect and pay for used clothes by weight

 You can choose to be paid electronically (Venmo or Zelle) or with cash

 Our current exchange rate is $.40USD per 2.2lbs (1kg) (e.g.: 44lbs (20kg) = $8.00USD)

 The minimum weight to be paid is 22lbs (10kg), although the free collection is less than 

22lbs (10kg) and the maximum is 220lbs (100kg).

 You may request contactless collection. Simply bag your items in a clean bag and leave them at the front door. The items will be collected by a member of our team. We will send you pictures of your items on the scale as evidence of the price. This will only be available for cashless exchange. 

 Upon completing a request, the Open Closet pick-up team will collect the clothes placed at your front door. In order to safely collect your clothes, we ask our customers to place the clothes at the front door according to the scheduled date.

What we collect and buy
*All items must be clean and in a re-wearable condition* 

・ Clothes ・

Tops, jumpers, coats, jeans, skirts, dresses,

swimwear, sportswear and baby clothes, etc.



Bags, ties, gloves, wallets, hats,

 and clean underwear 


・ Shoes 

Any shoes, heels, trainers 

What we don't collect and buy

Damaged, contaminated, or torn clothing

Blanket, pillow covers, mattress covers

Bath towels, stinky clothes, uniforms

Socks, clothes with pet hair on them

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